Posted: May 20, 2024

Seven industries That Use Commercial Propane

The versatile fuel is all over!

commercial propane Lawson, TX There are too many businesses to count that rely on customer service representatives to keep their workflow moving. Countless businesses depend on wireless Internet to take care of their most basic tasks. And so many industries and companies couldn’t get their jobs done without commercial propane.

Where commercial propane is used

Part of what makes commercial propane so great and appealing is how versatile it is. Among other things, this means it can be used by all sorts of businesses and within numerous different commercial industries. Here are seven industries that commonly use commercial propane in one way or another:

  1. Food service industry: Restaurants, resorts, food trucks, hotels, catering companies and other commercial kitchens use propane to power and fuel grills, deep fryers, broilers, warming stations and cooking ranges.
  2. Hospitality industry: Propane is used here to power space heaters in outdoor spaces at restaurants and to power clothes dryers that are used for mass amounts of laundry in hotels, nursing homes and health care facilities.
  3. The agricultural industry: Many agricultural workers rely on propane to dry crops, sanitize milking processes and to heat poultry production facilities, greenhouses, hog barns, farmhouses and water tanks.
  4. Schools, stores and hospitals: Businesses and places like this like this count on propane generators for power in the event of a blackout.
  5. Construction companies: Many construction sites use propane-powered heaters to stay warm while working.
  6. Industrial operations: Industrial sites such as distribution centers, manufacturing plants and warehouses count on propane-powered forklifts to move and lift heavy materials.
  7. Landscaping companies: Equipment used by landscapers such as commercial lawn mowers need a source of power and oftentimes that source of power is commercial propane.

The benefits of commercial propane

Wondering why all these industries and more are choosing to use commercial propane for the daily operations of their businesses? Well, the fact is that the fuel offers quite a few advantages and benefits. Here is a look at what they are:

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