Posted: July 1, 2024

Will Hot Temperatures Affect My Propane?

How to handle propane in the heat

propane Madisonville, TX The hot temperatures that we experience here in Texas affect many things. Once the weather warms up, we pack away our jackets and hats in exchange for shorts and tank tops. We may start spending less time outside during the day while the sun is blazing hot. Our air conditioners are on most of the time. Aside from the warmer weather affecting our wardrobes, daily activities and our energy bills, it also affects our propane.

Propane and hot temperatures

Propane expands as temperatures rise (hence the reasoning behind a propane tank being considered full at the 80% point). Therefore, propane tanks are built with a pressure-relief valve that automatically opens as soon as the pressure inside passes a certain level. As pressure leaves the tank, you usually hear a hissing sound. This all decreases your chances of your tank rupturing.

There are things you, as someone who uses propane and a propane tank, can do as well to help prevent a rupture and protect your fuel from hot weather. Here are some tips:

Proper propane safety

Need to brush up on what to do if you suspect a propane leak? Following the below precautions will help ensure your safety:

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