Posted: September 29, 2021

Do You Know the Facts That Set Propane & Electricity Apart?

It can be hard to compare propane and electricity as energy sources, especially with so much conflicting information available. Propane being measured in BTUs and electricity in kilowatts can further confuse customers who are just trying to figure out which energy source is more economical. Read further to discover how propane and electricity stack up against each other when it comes to cost, efficiency, and environmental impact. Local Symank Energy energy experts can help you understand which energy source may be the right choice for your Nacogdoches – Huntsville area home or business.

Apples to oranges: conversion energy units for comparison

Electricity and propane use different measurements, but conversion formulas help make the math clear:

However, simply converting electricity measures to propane, or vice versa, doesn’t give us the complete picture. In order to fully see the true cost of each energy source, we must account for energy efficiency.

Propane is more energy-efficient:

Under some circumstances, it may cost a few cents more to use the same amount of propane as electricity, but in reality, that ends up being irrelevant when less propane is needed to accomplish a job. For example, if it takes two hours to heat your home to your desired temperature using an electric heating system, but only 45 minutes to get to the same temperature using propane, the propane would be considered more efficient energy-wise, as well as cost-wise, since using less energy costs less.

What is an efficiency gap?

Propane is particularly cost-effective for high-energy appliances, creating an efficiency gap between propane and electricity when it comes to appliances that run for many hours or use a greater amount of energy. For instance, a heater generally uses more energy than a washing machine, and thus the efficiency benefit of having a propane heater is greatest.

Better for the environment.

If choosing an eco-friendly energy source is a priority for you, it helps to understand how electricity and propane are created, since that affects their carbon footprint and efficiency.

Propane is a primary energy source, which means it can be used in the form exists when it is collected from underground, while electricity is a secondary source of energy, meaning it requires production and harnessing by another type of energy, usually fossil fuels. Electric plants, many of them coal-fired, are among the largest sources of greenhouse gas pollution in the United States. For consumers who want their energy source to be low in emissions, propane is a good choice.

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