Posted: July 25, 2022

How do I read my propane tank gauge?

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Reading your propane tank gauge is easy, once you’re familiar with the process and what the numbers on the device represent. As a Texas propane user, it’s an important skill to have and can actually save you money, avoid hassles, and help you steer clear of danger. Read on to learn more about what your propane gauge can tell you.

Why do I need to read my propane gauge?

If you’re not a propane expert, it makes sense that you might not know how to read your propane gauge, but it’s important to learn, for a few reasons:

Fortunately, you can avoid these headaches simply by keeping an eye on your gauge and never letting your propane levels get dangerously low.

Propane readings: The 80/20 rule

Your propane gauge is measured in percentage units, typically from 10 percent or less, to 80 percent full.

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