Posted: April 15, 2024

How To Read A Propane Tank Gauge

A simple breakdown

propane tank gauge College Station, TX Are you a homeowner who uses propane for heating purposes or to warm water? Are you a business owner who uses propane to run a forklift or cook in an industrial kitchen? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, we can bet that one of the last things you want to experience is running out of propane. Therefore, knowing how to read the gauge on your propane tank is extremely important.

Reading a propane tank gauge

Understanding a propane tank gauge can be an imperative part of being a propane customer. Luckily, reading a gauge is a fairly easy thing to do.

Most propane tanks come with a gauge on them. This gauge has both numbers and a pointer. The pointer is designed to line up with a number and that number indicates the percentage of your remaining propane supply. So if the pointer lines up with 60% your tank is 60% full.

Changes in the outside temperature can make your gauge reading fluctuate, but this shouldn’t be cause for concern! The amount of gas in your propane tank is staying the same when this happens – it is just the density that is changing.

How full a propane tank actually is

Since propane expands as it warms up (just as any liquid does), there needs to be room left in every propane tank to allow for this expansion. Therefore, a propane tank is considered full at 80%.

This is why it is recommended to schedule your next propane delivery as soon as your tank hits the 20% mark. This puts you in the clear of running out of propane entirely before your refill arrives.

Symank Energy’s Keep Full automatic delivery

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Propane and propane tanks from Symank Energy

On top of reliable propane deliveries, Symank Energy can also help both homeowners and business owners from Cuero to Malone, Texas to Grandfield, Oklahoma with propane tank installations, maintenance and repairs.

Our professional team can work with you hand in hand to pick out the right propane tank size for you. Once you’ve selected a tank, we can install it and safety test it in about a day. Then we’ll keep that tank up and running with routine maintenance and by making any necessary repairs.

When you need propane, help with your propane tank or a completely new propane tank, you can count on Symank Energy.

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