Posted: November 6, 2023

How To Store Your Grill’s Propane Cylinder

Follow these storage guidelines to keep you and your loved ones safe

gas grill tank Madisonville, tx Cooler temperatures and fall weather typically mark the end of grilling season for most people here in Texas. While you very well may know that slipping a cover over your grill is a smart way to store your grill when it is not in use and that doing so keeps your grill clean of dust, leaves and other debris, you may not know what to do with your grill’s propane cylinder.

Should you leave the cylinder with the grill? Where is there a safe to place to store the cylinder until you are ready to start grilling again? Can you keep the cylinder inside? These are all valid questions and Symank Energy is here to help answer them so that you and your family can stay safe.

Storing A Propane Grill Tank

By the time grilling season is over, your grill’s propane cylinder may be empty. If this is the case, it is safe to store the cylinder indoors in a house, garage or shed.

Propane cylinders that are not completely empty should be kept outside. It is not safe to move them indoors seeing as their inner temperatures rise when they are inside, which can be very dangerous. Not only should cylinders that still have propane in them remain outside, but they should also be kept in a shaded and well ventilated area that is a safe distance from a home (a minimum of 10 feet is recommended).

Now that we are clear on location (indoors versus outdoors) for safe propane cylinder storage, let’s get into some specifics. Following the below guidelines will ensure safe storage of your grill’s propane cylinder.

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Symank Energy is the place to go when your grill’s propane cylinder (or your propane cylinder for your fire pit, patio heater or RV) needs a refill. We even have self-serve propane cylinder refill stations in Cuero, Texas and Madisonville, Texas that are open six days a week. All you have to do is come by with your certified DOT propane cylinder and we will assist you in getting a cylinder refill.

The Symank Energy team is ready and able to provide information about propane cylinders and cylinder refills. Contact us today to learn more!