Posted: February 19, 2024

Can I Leave My Grill Propane Cylinder Outside in the Winter?

Tips for safe grill propane cylinder storage

propane cylinder We think it’s safe to say that grilling season here in Texas has officially come and gone. You may now be preparing for colder temperatures and thinking about what the winter season has in store for us. This potentially moves moving, or at the very least covering, some of the items you normally keep outside, including your grill propane cylinder.

Proper Grill Propane Cylinder Storage

Before you go ahead and move your grill’s propane cylinder anywhere, there are certain things you should be aware of that help keep you, your home and your family safe.

It is only safe to store a propane cylinder inside is if it is completely empty. If, come the end of grilling season, your propane cylinder is empty you can use a house, garage or shed for storage purposes.

It is not safe to store a propane cylinder that still has propane in it indoors. This is because a cylinder’s inner temperature rises when it’s placed inside and this is a serious hazard. Propane cylinders that are not 100% empty should be kept outside in shaded and well-ventilated areas that are at least 10 feet from a home, any potential open flames and other sources of ignition. This holds true for the winter months as well.

What to do with your propane cylinder in the winter
If it’s empty, moving your grill propane cylinder inside for the winter and keeping it either in your home or in a garage or shed is safe and fine.

But if there is still propane in your grill propane cylinder leave it outside, even in the winter. However, you don’t want the cylinder to get wet as this can cause rust and rust can cause long-term damage. We recommend putting a slipcover over your grill so that rain, snow and ice don’t get directly onto your grill or your grill propane cylinder.

Additional propane cylinder storage tips

You can keep yourself, your family and your home safe by keeping your grill propane cylinder in the recommended location (outside versus inside). Here are some other tips for safe grill propane cylinder storage:

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