Why Convert to Propane?

Symank Energy makes it easy to switch to a clean, efficient fuel for your home or business

Symank Energy proudly offers world-class propane delivery and equipment services to homes and businesses from Malone, Madisonville, Richards and Cuero, Texas, to Grandfield, Oklahoma. We give you the options you need to run your household or business as smoothly as possible with propane.

Propane vs. electricity: A comparison

Do you think that going electric is better for the planet? The reality might surprise you. Although electric appliances don’t produce greenhouse-gas emissions, the plants generating electricity do.

More than half the electricity generated in Texas comes from coal or natural gas. In Oklahoma, it’s over 40%.* Electricity generation is one of the largest sources of greenhouse-gas pollution in the United States.

Propane’s carbon intensity is lower than that of most other energy sources, including grid electricity. Propane appliances emit 43% fewer greenhouse gases than an equivalent amount of grid-produced electricity.** Propane is also methane-free and emits virtually no particulate matter. It’s a clean-burning energy source that can reliably warm homes, heat water and even power vehicles.

Become a Customer

The Symank Energy experience

Whether you’re a current Symank customer, looking to switch fuel providers or interested in converting your home to propane, our team is at your service, ready to make a difference for you.

When you start propane service with Symank Energy, we make it easy to switch. Our expert propane tank installation team will get you set up with dependable fuel storage that meets all regulatory guidelines. Generally, we complete your tank installation, line hookup and safety testing in less than a day.

Once you switch to propane, you can immediately enjoy its uses as an energy-efficient fuel, including home heating, water heating, cooking with precision and fueling your outdoor entertainment — all backed by our FREE Keep Full Automatic Delivery service.

Don’t forget to ask us about our First-Fill Discount for new customers!

Attention builders and contractors!

If you’re a builder working on new construction, we can help you educate the homebuyers you’re working with as they move into their first home with propane!

Get in touch with the Symank Energy team to join our growing family of customers!

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** Source: https://propane.com/environment/

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